Carmella Plastic Surgery Bombshell Revealed

Come on. Is this a joke? Someone must be trying to pull my leg. According to WWE wrestler Carmella (is she even still employed by the company. Where’s Big Cass?) she hasn’t done any recent cosmetic surgery. The woman’s face doesn’t look the same as it did five years ago. Unless she was hired at age 10 and she is now a maturing teenager, her face would not suddenly change.

As per Ringside News, Carmella started her career with NXT in 2013 (ten years ago) Since her debut, she has “grown” to become one of the most prominent features on WWE television. She even won the SmackDown Women’s Championship once upon a time. Carmella is also considered one of the most beautiful women in WWE (subjective. Everyone is beautiful to someone) which raises a lot of questions regarding the authenticity of her looks. Right. They’re absolutely fake.

Recently, a fan posted a photo of Carmella’s promos with Nikki Bella from 6 years ago. Carmella replied to the tweet saying that the promo was one of her favorites. Another fan took this as an opportunity to fire a shot at the former Women’s Champion by saying that the promo was before she had done plastic surgery.



Carmella replied stating that she didn’t have any work done recently and that she looks different now because of a process called aging.

Carmella’s comments are of course laughable. When people age their skin sags, it doesn’t tighten. But then again, even if she did have surgery, no one really cares.

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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