Carmella Shows Floatation Devices In Leopard Photos

Carmella has just graced Instagram with steamy photos of herself to bring in this year right. She recently posted up photos of herself in a denim outfit with leopard print covering up her assets.



She took Instagram by storm when she put up her new photos of herself. The comment section lit up rather quickly as everyone seemed to have flooded the comment section. This of course, was not only due to her photos, but also because of her big return to the squared circle.

The self-proclaimed ‘Princess of Staten Island’ appeared in a backstage promo segment on RAW after she was declared as part of the Fatal Four-Way Elimination Chamber Qualifier next week.

Carmella cut a promo on her return to WWE. She was then confronted by Asuka, who we are seeing step into a much darker character at this point. Asuka has been teasing a darker approach to her storyline for a while now, but we are now seeing it happen live.

WWE have been taking steps forward with Asuka, Bray Wyatt, Edge, Alexa Bliss, and a few other stars in creating a darker narrative to the brand. While it’s still not quite where many fans want it, it’s a step in the right direction.

While on the topic of Asuka, Carmella stated in her promo that she wasn’t scared of her, but ‘The Empress’ opened her mouth to reveal her blue teeth. A frightened Carmella backed away instantaneously to end the segment.

Carmella was sidelined from anything involving the WWE or in ring activity following an injury she sustained at a WWE live event in August 2022.

We will see where her story takes her next as it seems that WWE want to push her heavily again as she is now free to come back to action now.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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