Carmella Takes It Off In Scorching Hotel Photos

WWE star Carmella recently took to her Instagram account and posted pictures from hotel corridor. Her caption read:



“less hustle 💫 more magic”

Meanwhile, she recently revealed that she was made hyper-aware of her smaller frame from a young age:

“I grew up doing ballet, tap and jazz and I was always in a bodysuit and we were always looking at ourselves in the mirror,” Van Dale tells Yahoo Life of her first memories surrounding her body image. “I was very aware of it from a young age. I was always usually the smallest girl in class wether that was a school or dance class. But I was very aware. And I felt like that was my thing. ‘Oh, you’re so tiny.’ So I’m like, ‘OK, that’s my thing. I guess I’m the tiny girl.'”

In a society that has historically prioritized thinness, these comments could be interpreted as compliments. But the former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion said that instead, they sent her into a spiral that made her feel like her only worth was found in her petiteness. She further stated that it also led people to feel comfortable commenting on her body and eating habits due to her size.

“I truly hate the ‘Oh, I want to see you eat.’ ‘What are you going to eat?’ ‘Make sure you eat that,'” she says.

No matter the intention, Van Dale says these comments are offensive and reductive.

“That is such a weird thing to say. And that really makes me feel so uncomfortable. Because I eat so much,” she says, noting that beyond being annoying, these comments are factually inaccurate.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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