Cedric Alexander and Tye Dillinger apologize for past tweets

Tye Dillinger and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander have come under some scrutiny as of late when some old tweets of theirs were unearthed.



Both Dillinger and Alexander tweeted out jokes about rape back in 2011 and 2012, and when those tweets were found recently, fans weren’t too happy with the two superstars.

Dillinger was replying to two current Impact Wrestling talent Sienna and Allie when he tweeted the following.

It’s not rape if they’re sleeping.

The Perfect Ten responded to this old tweet, apologizing to everyone who he offended.

The Cruiserweight Champion activated @Tweet_Delete to delete all previous posts but took time to apologize for these two.

It’s not rape if you yell SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!

1st of all I yelled “SURPRISE” so it wasn’t rape. 2nd you sqeeled like a piggy and smiled so you loved it.

As of this moment, no punishment has been handed out to Alexander or Dillinger.

Do you think the WWE should discipline the two stars for tweets that were over six years old?

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