Cedric Alexander drops hints on adding members to The Hurt Business

Cedric Alexander, who recently became a member of The Hurt Business opened talked about the stable during a recent interview with TV Insider.



The Hurt Business could add more members, says Cedric Alexander

Along with Alexander, The Hurt Business stable comprises of the wrestling veterans, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and current WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley. During the interview, Alexander was asked if they are considering to add more members to the stable.

He replied that the talks of addition are in progress but it is confidential. He said:

“There have been talks and thoughts of adding more members to the group. Classified information of course. There is always room in The Hurt Business for more hurt.”

Cedric Alexander had turned heel in September and joined hands with The Hurt Business. During the interview, the former Cruiserweight Champion also discussed the ambitions of the members. He said all the members are eyeing to capture the championship golds.

He said:

“Right now the main goal is to have everyone draped in gold. Me and Shelton going after the Raw tag team titles starting with a win over New Day in a non-title match. Long-term we want to take over WWE. I know Bobby is busy defending the United States championship. Maybe the United States championship needs to be transferred to someone else in the group with Bobby wanting a bigger prize.”

On the latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander defeated the WWE Raw Tag-Team Champions, The New Day in a non-title match and they will surely get a shot at the titles in the near future.

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