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Cedric Alexander proclaims himself WWE Main Event Champion

Cedric Alexander Raw

Several superstars have been left on the backburner following the Superstar Shake-Up. While it’s usually used to give the WWE Universe a few new matchups on both Raw and SmackDown Live, that didn’t really pan out with the inclusion of the “Wild Card Rule.” Thanks to that, certain superstars are appearing on both brands, taking up slots which could be used for other talents, like Cedric Alexander who was moved from 205 Live to Monday nights.

The former Cruiserweight Champion has only appeared in one match on Raw, losing to Cesaro. Since then, he’s only been spotted in backstage skits. However, like most stars struggling to get on TV, Alexander has been working Main Event and decided to declare himself the unofficial champion of the show following the announcement of the 24/7 Championship.

Some of his former 205 Live peers jumped in on the joke, like Mike Kanellis and TJP who revealed the importance of the title.

In all seriousness, though Alexander hasn’t been used much on Raw, he was spotted chasing the newly introduced 24/7 Championship, and with that will hopefully get some more screen time.

  • CC

    And look at Ricochet as well. Ever since they split him from Black he seems to lose almost every single match he is in.

  • EVH

    the guy can be equally as good as Ricochet, if they were to turn one and put in a storyline together they could put on some amazing matches

  • CC

    Alexander will never be used properly on the main roster and I have no idea why the moved him from 205 Live to RAW. Even without this wild card crap, I doubt he would be getting that much screen time.

  • Soulshroude