Cena-Batista Stip Coming on RAW, WWE Stars Married, Serena News

– WWE is now calling Serena of the Straight Edge Society “The Anti-Diva.”



– WWE has announced that John Cena will reveal the stipulation for his match with Batista at Over the Limit on this coming Monday’s RAW with Flava Flav as guest host.

– The following news appeared in last weekend’s Sunday Mail, a newspaper in Scotland:

“SCOTS wrestling star Drew McIntyre has secretly married his former Playboy model girlfriend. WWE Intercontinental champion Drew tied the knot with fellow wrestler Taryn Terrell in Las Vegas. Drew’s parents, from Ayr, got a call 15 minutes before the ceremony. His dad Andy Galloway, 50, said: “It was a shock, but we were really pleased.”

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