Cena Makes WWE’s New Extreme Rules Poster, Snooki Comments on Watching WWE

– The Hollywood Reporter had an article up yesterday about how Snooki was boo’d at the WrestleMania 27 press conference in New York City. Regarding her training for WrestleMania, she said: “It kind of came naturally to me. I did gymnastics for eight years, and I have been cheerleading since middle school … I am going to rehearse this weekend for Mania and will incorporate my gymnastics skills.”



Snooki also said she used to watch WWE because she thought a former star was attractive but stopped watching. She said: “When they gave me this opportunity, I started watching it again to see what I would do and what’s happening,. And I really enjoyed it.”

– The previous WWE Extreme Rules promotional poster released featured CM Punk but the newest poster has John Cena and can be seen below:

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