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Cesaro on the Beach Ball Mania


It wasn’t long ago when the Beach Ball mania took over Raw and SmackDown with over a dozen beach balls making rounds of the arena and it all started when Cesaro took a beach ball and ripped it off during SummerSlam earlier this year.

During a recent interview with All Things Wrestling Radio, the former US Champion commented on the whole incident saying that it was disrespectful and he put an stop to it:

“We poured our hearts into this match and I look out and see some schmucks playing with a beach ball. So I decided to put an end to that because if I’m in the ring, that’s the most exciting thing to watch. The fans say ‘Cesaro is underappreciated’…and you have a hell of a match and they do something like that, So that’s just disrespectful and I put a stop to that. Not on my watch.”

Cesaro also commented on the ‘Brass Ring’ comment from Mr McMahon and claimed that he went to the Boss’ office next day and told him that his challenge was accepted:

“I was actually listening to it on the drive to the next city…I was not very happy about it to say the least because I couldn’t disagree more, The next day I walked into his office and said ‘challenge accepted.’ That’s how I deal with things – head on…I’d like to say I’ve been doing pretty good so far.”