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Cesaro: “I’m Sick Of Seeing John Cena Against Randy Orton For The 500th Time”

Below are highlights from a recent interview Cesaro recently undertook with the Liverpool Echo:

The new era of wrestlers who can go in the ring:

“It is a new era of guys, it’s a new generation, and it’s a lot of fun to watch that because there are fresh match-ups. I mean I’m sick of seeing John Cena against Randy Orton for the 500th time. It’s great that we have some new, young guys that can come out and provide absolutely great match-ups and for the fans there are fresh, exciting matches and things to watch.”

How his partnership with Paul Heyman panned out:

“You know, I learned a lot from Paul Heyman and I thought we had a great time. I’ve now gone out on my own but he is somebody whose advice I trust. We still talk, we’re still friends.”

His current goals in the company:

“Short term right now I just have the goal of becoming the Intercontinental Champion. It should be a great match as you say, and if Europe gets a new Intercontinental Champion on top of it, it will just be great for everyone.

  • new8406

    Hey, if he didn’t have the personality of a walnut, he could main event. Sounds like sour grapes to me…

  • Joe Sweat

    Preach it, Cesaro! It is weird, though. After Wrestlemania, I thought WWE was finally turning a corner with bringing fresh faces in and mixing things up in a new way. But, the last month or two of WWE RAW and Smackdown has just been running on a treadmill. I’m tired of John Cena. I’m tired of Randy Orton. I want Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Dead Ambrose, Ascension, Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett, and others.