Cesaro Sad Reason For Missing Smackdown Leaks

Top WWE star Cesaro has been on a role on WWE Smackdown recently as the Swiss Superman has been a top contender for the WWE Universal Championship and now in a feud against former WWE Champion – Seth Rollins. However, he was not present on-screen during tonight’s edition of the show – yet there is probably good reason for that. Cesaro was brutally attacked by Rollins last week and WWE did not use the former WWE United States Champion. This was most likely, simply a kayfabe precaution. Could we see Cesaro compete in a new wrestling promotion?



Still, Cesaro was referenced during tonight’s show in an interview with Seth Rollins that was conducted by Kayla Braxton. Rollins would not answer the question of why Rollins would attack Cesaro and handled his clip-on microphone back to Braxton before the interview concluded.

During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, former ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer discussed how he would make Cesaro the ‘face of WWE’ Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below transcription.

“He will be the guy and I’ll tell you why,” Dreamer said. “Because I know we’re wrestling fans and it’s like ‘how come they haven’t given this guy the ball in forever?’ I know he had a lot of positive talk when Vince McMahon had said on one of the shareholder meetings that he said he doesn’t feel Cesaro doesn’t connect with the people, maybe because of the way he speaks.

“That was like the first ‘are you kidding me?! This guy has it!’ And I feel he will get that Daniel Bryan reaction if they ever decide to fully pull the trigger with him, just because fans love him. You think about why they love him, it’s because of his in ring work. He’s the quarterback that always delivers, he’s the baseball player that always delivers for when you need him in the clutch. But if you need someone to bunt, you bunt.”

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