Cesaro talks reason why tag team with Tyson Kidd worked well

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were team tag partners from late 2014 to mid 2015 and they showcased their in-ring skills during that time.



Cesaro appeared on WWE The Bump, where he talked about his tag team with Tyson Kidd. While the team only lasted six months, there were many things about the team that worked well.

Cesaro mentioned that people still talk about the team. He explained that they always tried to involve Natalya in the group, which helped make them unique despite only being a group for six months.

He also talked about the social dynamic that people could relate to the group having a married couple and then another group. He thinks people still fondly remember the group because of the extra things they could do with Natalya and the chemistry they had in and outside of the ring. He also joked about how they had the support of all cat lovers.

The team would have lasted much longer, but unfortunately, Tyson Kidd suffered a career-ending neck injury.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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