Cesaro thinks beach ball tossing fans should be banned for life

It’s no secret that Cesaro has a hatred for those who throw beach balls around during wrestling events. The Swiss Superman ran into the crowd during Summerslam to catch and tear apart one in the middle of his Tag Team Championship match. He’s been interviewed quite a few times on the spot and has said numerous times that he finds it disrespectful for the fans to toss a beach ball around during a match.



Cesaro was interviewed recently by City Pages, where he went over his success as a tag team champion, his work with Sheamus, and of course, his hatred of beach balls. Below are some highlights of the interview.

You feuded with Sheamus during the best-of-seven series last year, but now you two have found great chemistry. What is it about working with him that makes you guys so formidable?

We’re both extremely, extremely competitive. We always want to imporve every single date. We both came from Europe, and it was our dream to become WWE Superstars… That’s why we didn’t get along as much inthe beginning. Now, we’re as tight as brothers.

On the indies, you were in a very successful tag team with Kassius Ohno, known as the Kings of Wrestling. Is there a chance you’d ever reunite the KOW in the WWE?

There’s the saying “never say never,” but I don’t think about it. Other people like to dream and play on the Playstation or Xbox, but I’m just focused on the here and now. And that’s me and Sheamus teaming up.

You’re a record five-time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion, and before coming to WWE, you were renowned for your work in the indies as a tag team specialist. Why is it that you excel in tag team wrestling?

I’m really good, and I bring the best out of every single person in the ring, especially my tag team partners.

Let’s talk about beach balls. Last year at Summerslam, you very famously ran into the crowd to tear up a beach ball that was being passed around. What about the beach ball made you want to destroy it like that?

Excuse my language, but fudge beach balls. (Yes, he actually said fudge.) Seriously, that’s absolutely disrespectful. We were wrestling for the Tag Team Championships, and you want to play with a beach ball? Get the hell out of here. Go. Leave the arena, and don’t come back. I think everyperson that brings a beach ball to a WWE arena should get ejected for life.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

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