Cesaro ‘Top Star’ WrestleMania Main Event Idea Leaks

Sheamus pitched for Cesaro to win the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday and main event WrestleMania against Roman Reigns in a new DC101 interview, though based on the stipulation Cesaro would have to be champion. Roman Reigns nearly ‘beat down’ Cesaro at Smackdown.



“Most people could have just walked away. He won’t walk away, man. He knows what he wants and he’ll keep plugging away until he’s WWE Champ; a World Champion I mean. And he’s got that opportunity this Sunday. So, I’m hoping and believing that he’s going to come out of that as the number 1 contender for Roman,” said Sheamus.

Cesaro also teased a WrestleMania main event with Edge on Smackdown in a backstage segment, as seen in a photo below. Sheamus also discussed being hungrier than other talent in his own Elimination Chamber match on the Raw side for Drew McIntyre’s WWE title.

“Are they still as passionate as I am? Cause I want to get back to the top. It’s been five years, five long years, and I’m tired of waiting in the wings,” stated Sheamus.

“I’m tired of other people getting opportunities before me. So, I’m rolling with that motivation this Sunday and it’ll be even sweeter taking the head off Drew, taking Drew’s title. That’s going to be… it’s going to be the best feeling in the world, man.” An AEW star revealed why WWE management dislike Cesaro.

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