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Chad Gable undergoes another name change on SmackDown

As seen on this week’s episode of SmackDown, Chad (or Shorty) Gable defeated Curtis Axel in a singles match. After this match was over, Gable cut an interesting promo and made an announcement.

In this post-match promo, Gable said that it’s “okay” to be who you are and ended up thanking people who’d messed with him in the past because he’s started embracing who he actually is. He encouraged everyone to do the same and at the end of the promo, he called himself “Shorty G”.

“Shorty Gable” didn’t sit too well with the fans and it will be interesting to see how they react to yet another name change for the former Olympian.

  • Whistling Joe

    So by this logic, Mickie James should have embraced the whole Piggy James thing and changed her name to Piggy since she was in less than stellar shape at the time. WWE logic 101. I hope the fans just chant Gable and piss off old vince.

  • CC

    What was it, a month or more ago that we were told WWE had filed for this name?
    What a huge surprise it was huh.

  • .

    The problem was the ‘Shorty’ part because people saw it being against WWEs whole anti-bullying stance. Not surprising though by WWE.

  • Omar

    WWE creative is just plain trash.

  • Keith Learmonth

    People didn’t like this when the rumours started about it happening. They’re not going to like it now.