Chad Gable wants a championship match against this star

Chad Gable, the WWE SmackDown star is one of the most gifted technical wrestlers in WWE. His in-ring prowess has been lauded by the fans on multiple times.



Now, on WWE The Bump, he had expressed his desire to square off against another great technical wrestler of WWE.

Chad Gable wants a Championship match against Daniel Bryan

Gable has been recently involved with Daniel Bryan and Otis with his Alpha Academy training storyline in WWE.

He believes that a match-up against the former WWE Champion would be classic one. Not just a classic but technical and legendary classic, considering both are great technical wrestlers.

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He said:

“I want a Championship to be at stake. I want time to make this a technical classic. If we get that chance, without a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to be a legendary classic that you look back on.”

It is to be seen whether WWE hears the idea pitched by Gable and who knows we might end up witnessing a high-profile match involving both the stars.

What are your thoughts on this match-up? Let us know in the comments below.


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