Chael Sonnen Drops Jake Paul Drug Bombshell

The YouTuber turned professional boxer, Jake Paul faced off against the former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on August 29 in a boxing match. The odds were in favor of Jake Paul even if Tyron Woodley is definitely the biggest opponent for Jake Paul so far. Dave Chapelle also went after Jake Paul at the pay-per-view. 


Jake Paul proved all of his doubters wrong as he was able to last 8 rounds against Tyron Woodley, who many believed would destroy The Problem Child in the boxing match. Of course, that did not happen as Jake Paul went on to win the match via split decision. This was met with a lot of outcries as fans believed the boxing match was rigged from the start.
Chael Sonnen recently spoke on his podcast, where he approved of Jake Paul refusing to take a drug test prior to his boxing match against Tommy Fury.

“He [Jake Paul], now within four fights, has the leading family of boxing having their youngest protégé begging and jumping through hoops to get on the docket with him. I mean, there’s a real brilliance in everything that Paul did. But what Paul would not do is agree to VADA. VADA stands for Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency. Now, you take that however you want. And quite frankly, I don’t think you’re going to get a different result if Paul p**s in the cup or if I p** in the cup for him. I will only share with you – Nobody should do VADA. VADA should not have the doors open. It is the most ridiculous thing. Why would you ever, ever offer to put yourself under scrutiny? That is a fool’s move.”

Why would you ever volunteer to put yourself in a position that doesn’t have anything positive? You don’t go into VADA and it’s a lottery system, and they’re going to give you an extra 15 grand. You don’t go into VADA, and you pass it, and they have any level of media or credibility where they can break into SportsCenter at the top of the hour and announce to the world that you passed. You get absolutely nothing for it, and you potentially get suspended if you did agree to do it. I’m only sharing this with you because I know how it looks for Paul. And I know how it looks for other people who publicly refuse to do VADA. You are still under state sanctioning. You are still under the promotion sanctions should they want to step in and do it. There still is a testing level. You’re just not volunteering to go an extra step – And only a fool would!”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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