Chael Sonnen Drops Joe Rogan Drug Bombshell

Chael Sonnen recently criticized Joe Rogan’s comments regarding Jorge Masvidal and Georges St-Pierre. Rogan believes that Masvidal is technically a more skilled fighter than St-Pierre during his time as UFC welterweight champion. However, Sonnen disagreed with Rogan’s view and called him out in a six-minute video on his YouTube channel.



Sonnen argued that Rogan’s assessment was flawed because he based it on the idea that the competition is harder now than it was during St-Pierre’s time as champion. Sonnen then highlighted St-Pierre’s victories over Josh Koscheck, Matt Hughes, and Nick Diaz, emphasizing that he defeated them at their own game.

Sonnen criticized Rogan’s approach, stating that “you cannot deduce one entity by drawing a conclusion to others.” He also quipped that Rogan was “on drugs” for making such a statement.

St-Pierre is widely regarded as one of the best fighters in UFC history, with notable victories over top-tier opponents like Koscheck, Hughes, Diaz, and Michael Bisping. While Masvidal is a skilled fighter in his own right, Sonnen’s argument is that St-Pierre’s record speaks for itself and shouldn’t be compared to Masvidal’s skills in today’s UFC.

“He (Rogan) put (Jorge) Masvidal over as an example that today’s welterweights are far superior and they’re better than Georges St-Pierre,” Chael Sonnen explained. “We should just dismiss this. What Joe said and how he did this math is very common, but I would like to correct you to what a non-420 mind can come up with. Joe got to that point by stating that the competition is harder now than it was then. What does the competition have to do with the guy?”
What kind of divisible are you going to put in when Georges goes out there and dominates a wrestling champion like Josh Koscheck. Or knocks out a world champion like Matt Hughes? Or passes the guard of a Jiu-Jitsu ace like Nick Diaz? What kind of equation are you putting into the gap? Which 170-pounder out there do you believe Georges cannot take down? Let’s just start with that. You cannot deduce one entity by drawing a conclusion to others, and if you do it, we should dismiss you. And we should tell the kids in the backseat, ‘That guy is on drugs.”
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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