Chael Sonnen Leaks Drunk Conor McGregor Video

Chael Sonnen, a former coach on the Ultimate Fighter, has criticized Conor McGregor for his recent video filmed at the TUF house.



The footage, posted by McGregor earlier this week, depicted him leaving the house in an intoxicated and incoherent state, leading to speculation about his drinking habits.

Sonnen, who has firsthand experience coaching on the show, condemned McGregor’s actions, stating that substance abuse and sports should not be mixed, and that being drunk was not acceptable behavior for a mentor at the TUF house.

In general, Sonnen expressed disappointment with McGregor’s behavior and questioned his dedication to the sport and his responsibilities as a role model for the TUF contestants.

In his commentary on the video clip, Sonnen referred to McGregor as “The American Gangster” and criticized his conduct.

“Drunk Conor McGregor at the TUF house, video slipped out. I’m trusting you guys saw it, he made it. He was leaving the TUF house, stumbling out drunk. He said something, I couldn’t make it out… Getting drunk appears to make Conor really weird. But what do you guys think about that? Does a drunk Conor McGregor stumbling around the TUF set interest you?”

He continued:

“I’ve never felt that they go hand in hand… Co-mingling sport with some kind of substance abuse., I just think is weird. If you’re gonna be drunk Conor, you shouldn’t be drunk Conor in a mentor position over at the TUF house. They don’t need to see you that way. It doesn’t matter who the guy is, if he’s coaching you, he’s not one of you… pretty disappointed.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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