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Championship match set for next week

Cedric Alexander will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Drew Gulak once again next week. Though Alexander defeated the Submission Specialist on the SummerSlam Kickoff, Gulak has weaseled his way back into title contention.

Since his loss, an enraged Gulak has made it his priority to make Cedric Alexander’s life a living hell. Gulak has jumped the champion multiple times and has been successful in getting under the champion’s skin, goading him out multiple times only to avoid the fight at the last second.

With Gulak’s mind games getting to Alexander, he and Jack Gallagher defeated Alexander and Akira Tozawa in a tag match on tonight’s episode of 205 Live. Gulak continued to bait Alexander throughout the bout, and the champion’s aggressiveness ended up costing him and Tozawa the match.  When Gulak saved Gallagher from Tozawa’s Senton Splash, Cedric jumped the two. However, they overpowered Alexander, launching him head first into the ring post.

With the Cruiserweight Champion out cold, Tozawa was left to the mercy of Gallagher and Gulak. Gulak tapped Tozawa out with the Gu-Lock, and as they walked up the ramp victorious, Alexander’s rage continued to build inside the ring.

Drake Maverick revealed after the match that Gulak had earned another championship match, and he would get his title opportunity against Cedric Alexander on next week’s episode of 205 Live.