Charlize Theron Direct Message To Tom Cruise Leaks

Recently, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Fast X star Charlize Theron spoke about if she would be interested in watching Tom Cruise entering the franchise. The discussion was raised when the interviewer asked the actress about her views on the audience’s reaction after Vin Diesel recently met the Valkyrie star at the inaugural F1 Miami Grand Prix. Theron replied:



“It should happen. I mean, why not? I mean, was there an invite sent? Like, I mean, send him an invite.”

Further, she added that if the fans are sending invites then he can’t definitely say no to them- “Then it’s done.” 

You can watch the full interview here:

The Fast X is officially considered as the beginning to the end of the franchise. It was reported that Vin Diesel wants Robert Downey Jr. in Fast and Furious 11 where the Iron Man star’s character will act as an “antithesis” of Dominick Toretto. Tom Cruise can also be another popular name to join the conclusion of the action franchise.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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