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Charlotte Flair on differences between playing a heel and babyface

Charlotte WWE

Charlotte Flair is the second-generation daughter of Nature Boy Ric Flair so she’s going to be put in a lot of different roles. She can handle to pressure of anything being thrown at her. So naturally, Flair will be both a heel and a babyface at times.

Right now Flair is going as a babyface and waiting for her time at the top once more. She recently spoke to Sam Roberts on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast about the differences between playing a heel and a babyface on television.

“I wasn’t thinking about being a good guy or a bad guy and that has been the transition for me on SmackDown, do you want me to be this good guy? Oh no, when I first heard that, you know where I went? I’ve just left NXT, I’m respected, not loved, what’s going to happen to my character again? Obviously having my on-screen friendship with Becky, because she is the most natural babyface I think that’s helped. I am just going on camera just being me and bringing in Charlotte a little bit and then not caring anymore. It’s like okay, well The Boss is still the Boss but guess what, she is the most popular, and just being okay with that, and not worrying if they respect you, you’re getting a reaction.”