Charlotte Flair discusses ex-husband’s abuse in chilling detail

“The Nature Girl” has been through a lot but it turns out some fans might not realize everything she’s had to overcome to be where she is today. Before she was a WWE Superstar she was married to a man named Riki Johnson and it turns out their relationship was a rather tumultuous one.



Charlotte and Ric Flair’s upcoming book, “Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte” will be released on September 19th but some excerpts were released in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Charlotte Flair told a vivid story about some of the most difficult times she had with Riki Johnson while living with him in Chapel Hill.

“Riki started swinging at me like we were in a street fight. Over his screams, I could hear his fists hit my arms. I managed to block most of the punches, but one shot got me in the ribs. I began to gasp for air, but he didn’t stop,” Charlotte said. She also later described another awful incident, “Riki punched me right in the head. …I think about that girl now, and it brings tears to my eyes. How did I get there? Why was this going on? Why wasn’t I strong enough, brave enough, to end this?”

She revealed how her ex-husband also used drugs and would get high with her brother Reid who would later die of an overdose in 2013.

Charlotte was able to find the courage to leave her marriage as the couple was only married from 2010-2011. But they were together even longer before then. She showed the amazing strength to not only leave her awful marriage but also found the bravery to tell the entire story in her upcoming book. We’re glad to hear Charlotte Flair seems to be in a much better place at this point in her life.

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