Charlotte Flair Getting AEW Star To Quit For WWE?

Fans have been raising doubts over AEW star Andrade El Idolo’s future at the promotion. The former WWE superstar has been said to be increasingly frustrated with his position in AEW, and now that Triple H is in charge of the creative direction in WWE, the rumors fueled up. It seems WWE star and Andrade’s wife Charlotte Flair could play a major role in bringing back the star to WWE.



Charlotte Flair might bring back Andrade El Idolo to WWE

While speaking with Mas Lucha, Andrade El Idolo talked about his time in AEW. When the topic of Triple H came, Andrade claimed that Triple H can always reach out to him via Charlotte Flair.

“I am happy that he got signed. I tried to help as much as possible and they (AEW) liked his work. People wanted to see Los Ingobernables back together after I joined WWE. I went to AEW and reforming Los Ingobernables is something awesome and there will be a lot of stuff coming. May be good or it may be bad, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

He gave me an opportunity and helped me a lot in NXT and I spoke to him when I requested my release. We are on good terms and he always mentioned that I can keep in contact with him. I cannot say that I have contacted him recently, but it is difficult due to legalities. And if he wanted to speak to me, my wife works there, so he can always reach out to me from there too. It is difficult at the same time because Ashley (Charlotte Flair) has time off due to personal reasons and she will specify them in future interviews. It was very heavy because she worked on Thursdays to work on Weekends while I traveled on Tuesdays and returned on Thursdays as soon as she was scheduled to leave. Right now we are good because I get to see her more, I hope she comes back soon. With AEW, I don’t know what will happen on Friday.

It’s a coin toss. I don’t know what can happen and I am a little like how I felt in WWE, whereas I wanted to do more and I feel like I am not growing. I want more. I am not a conformist, even if they pay me a lot. I get good pay and I work fewer dates, but I want more. It’s been over a year since I joined AEW, a lot of people already know me from WWE, but it’s time to focus on the Championship. I want more.”

Andrade El Idolo is set to face off Dark Order’s 10 in a match with a big stipulation. If Andrade wins, 10 will have to remove his mask, however if Andrade loses, he will be forced to leave AEW.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair is set to join two other notable WWE stars at an event in Queens, New York. Multi-time women’s champion Charlotte Flair last competed inside a WWE ring at Backlash against Ronda Rousey. ‘The Queen’ lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship and has missed several months of action.

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