Charlotte Flair ‘Insulted’ By Fired WWE Star

Miro is the TNT Champion on AEW, but Andrade El Idolo may be right on his back ready to take that away from him as much as Miro may hate the idea of that. The former NXT Champion, Andrade El Idolo made it absolutely crystal clear that Miro no longer needs to hold the belt on his shoulder. Andrade is ready for the spot, but Miro makes a scathing point at not only Andrade, but the Flair family…Batista ‘Refuses’ Major The Rock Offer.



As many are aware of, Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo are engaged. Of course, Charlotte’s father is the legendary Ric Flair. Miro spoke up recently stating alluding to the fact that Charlotte Flair has too many title shots handed to her due to her name and that Andrade is now about to ride the same coattails.

Miro scathed: “This guy must think getting undeserved title shots runs in the family.”

This came after Miro had stated that it was his time for the spotlight and that his mission is to get that belt from Miro as it seems like it was the plan all along for Andrade.

Andrade stated on AEW: “I want – no, I deserve the opportunity for the TNT title and the AEW world title. It’s my next step.”

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