Charlotte Flair ‘Leaving’ WWE Bombshell Leaks?

Charlotte Flair recently returned to action after being released for a short period of time after beating up a ref during one of her matches. She was suspended for some time following the incident, but of course, came back to the ring. In all truthfulness, Charlotte had to get dental work done and that was WWE’s way of writing her off so that she could get done what she needed to get done. Could this time be different for Charlotte Flair as rumors are beginning to swirl of a possible absence incoming? Daniel Bryan ‘Cryptic’ Tweet Leaks To AEW Fans.



On the most recent episode of ‘The Dirty Sheets’ podcast which features the ever knowledgeable, Billi Bhatt, Billi speaks about a multitude of all this professional wrestling that we found very intriguing indeed. In this part of the podcast, Billi speaks about Charlotte Flair asking to leave.

Bhatti: “Charlotte asked for something that no one has ever asked for before – which was a little release from her contract…but like…a contract freezing. They automatically freeze contracts anyways of performers once they’re injured. She asked for her contract to be frozen so she can go and work for other places for a year but still be employed by WWE.”

While this news alone may start to lead to AEW rumors, Bhatti cleared that up by stating that the other places Charlotte would work would be in Mexico and Japan.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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