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Charlotte Flair on why women should not main event next year’s Wrestlemania

Charlotte Flair was part of history at this year’s Wrestlemania, as she competed in a triple threat match against Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch in the main event of Wrestlemania. It was the first time women closed out the show. However, she believes that it shouldn’t happen every year.

While speaking to Fox News, Flair said that women should only main event next year’s Wrestlemania if they are involved in a great storyline. She explained that women main evented this year’s event as the storyline garnered a lot of attention and fans were clearly invested in it. However, that might not happen every year.

It’s great that main eventing WrestleMania but it’s what’s next — how do you continue that momentum? I do think that say next year, [if] there isn’t as an intriguing story, no the women should not main event. The reason we are main eventing this year is because this story caught fire. People have been invested and they’ve stayed invested, but say that it wasn’t [the case]: It’s who has the best story it’s who the audience is connecting with. That’s what’s most important.

While the women’s storyline did manage to get a lot of attention from fans leading into WrestleMania, the fans gradually become more invested in Kofi Kingston’s storyline which led some to believe that WWE should have changed the main event.

  • As in ever? You mad, bro?

  • Joseph F

    What a misleading headline. She didn’t say women shouldn’t main event WrestleMania next year. She said the main event should be whatever match has the most compelling story, regardless of gender, and she’s absolutely right.

  • AEW 4 DA WIN

    I don’t think that the the women should ever main event a WM again period after that abortion that took place at wrestlemania

  • Rinn13

    The actual answer: “Because I know our match was sloppy trash”.

  • oppa

    She just wants an extra year of saying she was in the only female main event in WrestleMania history.

  • CC

    The problem with this year was yes it did indeed catch fire, but then WWE over convoluted it and involved someone in it out of pig headedness because she was their original plan, and that fire kinda died out.
    The whole thing with Kofi just proves that sometimes doing things on the the fly and abandoning original plans is just the right move.

    Had WWE not interjected Charlotte (or at least only involved her partially early in the feud) and not gone with all this ridiculous suspension and arrest angles, maybe just maybe the match everyone wanted (Becky vs Ronda) would have actually been hotter once WM rolled around.
    The feud was overbooked when it should have been natural.