Charlotte Flair Photographed ‘Changing’ Backstage

The queen sits on her throne and does not have time for fun and games. Not only is Charlotte Flair the daughter of royalty, but she has done more than enough to carve out her name and her own path to not need the Flair name to describe her greatness. Charlotte Flair Rumored To ‘Ruin’ Raw Title Match.



Via @MicroManFever on Twitter, Andrade describes to Lucha Libre Online how Charlotte seems to warrant jealously no matter where she goes: “ Andrade knows about people being jealous of Charlotte and says the same people are nice to her face to face.”

Andrade also said, “She’s had problems backstage. One time someone took a photo of her when she was changing. We know who but she didn’t want to say anything and WWE didn’t know about it.”

Sadly, this is to be seen when you come from such a name as “Flair”. A lot of people will think things were handed to you. While Charlotte’s career may have been paved a little easier; it was in no way a cake walk.

Now, could Charlotte leave WWE? Well, that’s hard to say as it was recently said that Charlotte would stay due to her father finishing up his career and life within WWE. However, @MicroManForever also weighed in on this stating: “ Hugo is thinking that people will take out Andrade leaving them on Charlotte and prompt her exit from the company. Andrade thinks she knows how to take care of herself.”

Charlotte deserves all the good she has gotten. If others being jealous takes her out of WWE, so be it. She will do amazingly elsewhere.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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