Charlotte Flair Shows Backside In Pantless Photos

Charlotte Flair recently took to her social media and uploaded a photo of herself wearing no pants.



While speaking to on Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Charlotte Flair discussed the changes that were made to her promo on RAW is XXX due to her becoming a babyface.

Everything,” she replied. “Basically me. Take away my accolades? Take away everything? On ‘Raw XXX,’ originally I was gonna say, ‘And I beat Trish Stratus, Ronda Rousey, Nikki and Brie [Bella], Bayley, Becky [Lynch], name [all of the women I’ve beaten].’ How about I just say, ‘And I’ve had the opportunity to face …[those women].’ When it comes from me, I feel like I have to — there’s such a fine line [with] anything that I say. So it was just, ‘You know, I’ve had the opportunity to face all these people,’ and whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy, I would definitely say, ‘All of these women helped me get to where I am,’ but even just saying ‘beat’ versus ‘face’ them? Everything is so micromanaged. Like how many times can I say ’14-time [world champion]’ in a promo? Just once. Maybe just don’t say it at all! You know what I mean?”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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