Charlotte Flair Shows Ripped Backside In Gym Video

Charlotte Flair recently uploaded a video of herself working out at the gym.



Ric Flair, the legendary wrestler and father of WWE superstar Charlotte Flair, has defended his daughter against criticism that she is always in the title picture. During his podcast “To Be The Man,” Flair has repeatedly referred to Charlotte as “the best worker in the business today” and defended her place in the main event picture.

Flair argued that if someone is the best wrestler in the business, regardless of time off or time on, they should be in the main event. He pointed to the example of Steve Austin, who returned to wrestling after a long hiatus and was immediately placed in the main event.

Flair also mentioned that he’s not the only person who praises his daughter, as he receives texts from other people, including WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, heaping high praise on Charlotte. Flair closed by saying that his daughter will be “the greatest until the day she doesn’t want to be.”

Charlotte, who is considered one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, has faced criticism throughout her career for always being in the title picture. However, Flair’s defense of his daughter shows the strong bond between a father and his daughter, particularly when it comes to supporting each other in their careers. Charlotte is set to defend her championship at WrestleMania 39 against Women’s Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley, and the feud between the two is escalating as the event approaches.


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