Charlotte Flair ‘Squats’ In Colorful Skirt Photo

Charlotte Flair squatted in a new colorful skirt photo. Charlotte’s boyfriend Andrade has also shared big news!



Two superstars who could have been even bigger than they were in the WWE are Alberto Del Rio and Andrade. Del Rio was released by WWE in 2014 due to “Unprofessional Conduct” which saw Del Rio slap a producer because the producer made a racially charged joke at him. Andrade was let go recently by WWE due to Vince not knowing what to do with him and Andrade’s English not being the best. These two could be seeing each other very soon. Floyd Mayweather Major WWE Return Idea Leaks.

Via Reddit and Super Lucha’s website, word has come out that on July 31st, Andrade and Del Rio will be going against one another in a matchup that is set in the state of Texas where Alberto Del Rio resides currently. The company that has put this together is Nacion Lucha Libre.

Fans on Reddit are hating on the event on behalf of their dislike for Del Rio. While Del Rio did seem in the right for slapping a racist, what is not okay is the fact that Del Rio has been hit with sexual assault in the past as well as having a drug problem with hard drugs as many have reported.

Due to Del Rio being on the bill, it looks like many will boycott the event. Very sad for Andrade.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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