Charlotte Flair talks about difficulty caused due to Kairi Sane’s TLC injury

Kairi Sane suffered a concussion following a terrible bump during WWE TLC. She made her in-ring return recently at a WWE house show. Charlotte Flair was responsible for that injury, but she was unaware that Sane was injured at that time.



Charlotte Flair spoke to Talk Sport, where she talked about the difficulty of that situation. She did not know what was happening and there was not enough time to discuss things.

“It didn’t in the moment. I guess, everyone—how they felt afterwards is what made them feel different. In the moment, it was more—it’s a tough spot. It’s the main event of a brutal pay-per-view and everyone has already seen Tables, Ladders and Chairs.”

“It’s feeding off the crowd, going with the crowd and feeding off their reactions. So I didn’t really think anything until after. Obviously Kairi was hurt, but in the match I’m just thinking ‘How do we keep people invested?’ with them already seeing so many different TLC, brutal matches. You’ve already seen a kendo stick, you’ve already seen a chair, you’ve seen a ladder, a table.”

“And the pressure of us delivering that, with a weird dynamic seeing me and Becky tag? To me, me and Becky tagging is more what I was thinking about. How does that come across and how our characters should be interacting on television. How do you go from this [indicates high level] to all of a sudden, ‘They’re tagging?’ We had the ‘Let’s fight the enemy because we have a common enemy’ [mentality

Thankfully, Sane is fit to compete again. Fans were worried she might not wrestle for a long time after TLC, but that did not end up happening.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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