Charlotte Is Exploding Out Of White Top In Photos

Multi-time Women’s World Champion Charlotte Flair recently took to her Instagram account and posted a few pictures wearing an alluring white top.



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Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently discussed his daughter, Charlotte Flair’s accomplishments. ‘The Nature Boy’ is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers in pro wrestling history and he is a record 16-time world champion. Now his daughter Charlotte is continuing his legacy in the WWE.

The Queen has won the RAW Women’s Championship six times and the SmackDown Women’s Championship seven times over the course of her career. Additionally, Charlotte and Asuka have won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship once and the NXT Women’s Championship twice, respectively.

Additionally, before the title was retired, she had held the Divas Title once. Ric Flair was questioned about Charlotte Flair following in his footsteps and becoming a well-known pro wrestler on the most recent episode of The Breakfast Club podcast.

“Oh God, It’s amazing! That, I’ll take very seriously. She’s the greatest thing going. Yeah, she’s in a different world, different planet, different stratosphere than I was. [Did you want her to join the wrestling world?] No.”

Flair further mentioned that someone asked The Queen why she wasn’t pursuing a career in wrestling, and that was when she considered joining the business.

“Somebody asked her, and she was doing really well in the business world, graduated college, and I saw her looking at the guy who asked her, “Why aren’t you doing this?”. I know her like a book, I saw her walk around the room and think to herself. She walked over to me and said, “Dad, you think about it?” I said I don’t know. [I asked] Why? She said, ‘I just think I’m going to try it.’ There she is now, the greatest of all time.”

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