Charlotte & Keith Lee ‘Pulled’ From WrestleMania For Sad Reason?

Charlotte Flair may be missing some time from the WWE. Could this be possibly due to her real life partner, Andrade now being free from the company? Also, what has been going on with Keith Lee? Ric Flair ‘Praying’ For Charlotte After Bad News.



Charlotte Flair stated on Twitter that she has tested positive for COVID-19. She did not speak on the severity of it or when she got it, but she is at home resting as said. It should be noted that Andrade said that Flair might only have a few days left in quarantine which would mean Flair has had it longer than two weeks.

PW Insider gave the scoop that also reported that Flair “actually had tested positive previously.” This is why she has missed the last several weeks of Raw.

Keith Lee, who originally was out of WWE action with rumors claiming due to Covid as well has seen an insane amount of ups and downs with the company since. These range from Vince McMahon not “getting” his character, to him being written off television.

Keith tried to clear the air recently stating the following:

“I hear many of you. I see many of the messages. One day, I will explain it all for the ones true to me. For now, know that I more than appreciate the continued support.”

Keith also said: “WHEN I return, it will be filled with all the love I have for those that represent this.” alluding that he still is with WWE.

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