Charlotte Reacts To ‘Tragic’ Ric Flair Photo On Twitter

Charlotte Flair has been talked about a lot lately due to a ton of different reasons. Charlotte has Covid, and then Andrade left WWE and now Charlotte has reacted to a photo that she ran to extremely swiftly. Charlotte Flair Stunning Medical Update Revealed.



On Twitter, the user ‘Danny Granger’s Art’ posted a tweet about an art piece that he did for the Flair family. The photo is very sad an touching. The photo is of Reid Flair. Reid Flair, of course, is the son of Ric Flair and the brother of Charlotte Flair.

Reid Flair passed away in 2013 due to an “accidental drug overdose” as said in his autopsy report. The 6’4 son of Ric Flair was just beginning life both in and out of the ring as he was only 25 on the day of his death. Ric Flair shared the photo drawn for his family on Reid in memoriam of his death date which will be March 29th.

Charlotte Flair did not openly say anything about the photo that was shared, but she did like the photo showing her compassion for her lost younger brother. I am sure we will see Charlotte speak out on Reid’s death date as that is approaching at the time of this article.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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