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Charlotte says she would win in a match against Ronda Rousey


With the increased talks of Ronda Rousey possibly appearing at WrestleMania 34, there have been renewed rumours of Officials planning a match between the UFC star and Charlotte Flair.

During her recent interview with Ringside Collectibles, the former Raw Women’s Champion was asked about possibly facing Rousey at the next edition the Show Of Shows.

Replying to it, the former member of the Four Horsewomen stable said that she would win if this match ever happens:

“Well, I would say that I would still have the undefeated PPV streak, but Bayley crushed that. I would win, and I would show her who the real Four Horsewoman is.”

Talking about potentially holding all four NXT, Divas, Raw, and SmackDown Women’s Championships at some point in her career, the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer said this:

“Honestly, I wouldn’t have the opportunity or the ability if it wasn’t for all the amazing women that I work with. I mean, it means a lot to me, it’s crazy, I don’t know. It’s my passion, it’s what I love doing and I literally dedicate almost every second of the day thinking about work.”

You can watch the full interview of Charlotte in the video below:

  • Darrin Tyler

    Ashely would get destroyed….

  • jgdjgdklj

    I wish this association with Pro Wrestling and MMA would end!!

  • CC

    Regardless of whether it is a real fight or a predetermined wrestling match, Rousey would win.
    Charlotte would get CM Punked in a real fight, and WWE always let celebs win wrestling matches.

    If Rousey does ever have a WWE match it has to mean something.
    Right now, regardless of how bad she is, the only current WWE female wrestler that would be worthwhile for Rousey to face, would be Nia Jax just because she is a monster. But for it to work, she would have to stop losing matches all the time.

  • jedi

    Yeah because it’s predetermined moron! Real life she would destroy Charlette. I just can’t stand her……..