Charly Caruso discusses her journey to WWE & ESPN

It was revealed earlier this week that Charly Caruso would be joining ESPN as a host of SportsCenter on Snapchat, along with regular SportsCenter updates from time to time. Caruso did reveal that she wouldn’t be leaving the WWE, and plans on working with both companies.



In an Instagram post, Caruso continued to express her gratitude and thanks, all the while recounting her journey from a local news anchor to a backstage interviewer at WWE.

“Feeling so incredibly blessed this morning,” said Caruso. “It’s tough to put my emotions into words. Not only do I get to work for one amazing company, I get to work for two…and live out a career I once only dreamed about.”

Caruso discussed her five years working as a local news reporter in West Virginia, essentially working by herself. She would carry the equipment and cover each story by herself.

She went on to say that returning to her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana was where she caught the bug for reporting and working with sports.

Eventually, she began hosting her own YouTube show, titled BackTalk Ball, a comedy/sports series. However, this was around the time that she was hired by the WWE.

You can still check out Caruso’s old YouTube show here. She only put up seven videos, including six episodes of BackTalk Ball, before being picked up by the WWE.

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