Charly Caruso ‘Embarrassed’ By Top WWE Name

The Mickie James/Mark Carrano situation has no doubt been one of the hottest stories within the past week and during the recent edition of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former WWE NXT commentator Christy Olsen discussed the Mickie James trash bag fiasco along with the negativity that Carrano brought to the women’s locker room in particular, with Charly Caruso being another alleged victim. Olsen would compare what happened with James to the situation revolving recently released female WWE talents in Zelina Vega and Charly Caruso along with her personal experience with Carrano. Credit to Wrestling Inc for the below.



“The second I heard about what happened to Mickie James, my first thought was Carrano,” Olson admitted. “Absolutely, that is who would be responsible. Absolutely, that is the person behind the reports that come out when talent leaves. I’m thinking about the Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega) situation. There’s only one person that would have known those things that got leaked to the dirt sheets, and that’s Mark Carrano. The Charly Caruso stuff, she’s clearly leaving the company. Now, all of a sudden, she’s late all the time? There’s so many things like that that clearly came from Mark Carrano about talent leaving.

“My personal experience with him, the way I saw him behaving behind the scenes, I knew immediately that it was a possibility he was the person responsible for that, and I’m sure everybody else knew as well. He did have a lot of power, or at least really wanted people to think he had a lot of power. It was the walking into a room and giving a lot of attention to one specific talent and then telling someone else, ‘This person is my favorite now.’ It’s the making promises to talent constantly that never materializes.”

Mickie James for her part would respond to WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon in a recent tweet about the incident after McMahon apologized to James. The former WWE Women’s Champion proclaimed: “Thank you Stephanie. I appreciate that as I am equally embarrassed. I know this wasn’t a malicious act. However it did feel very symbolic to how I was presented in the last 3 years.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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