Charly Caruso Gets Facial In New Video

Charly Caruso has become one of the top backstage interviewers for WWE since her debut with the company in 2016 and her responsibilities have only increased after the departure of Renee Young.



The added responsibilities mean that the WWE star has to take extra care of herself and it includes taking care of her skin to look flawless on the screen as well.

Caruso recently shared some insights on preparations for her job with the fans when she posted a few photos and a video of her facial on social media.

The female star shared the experience of her latest facial at the Joanna Vargas spa from a few weeks ago and she claimed that it was the best. You can check out her photos and video below:

Let’s switch it up…how it’s going. how it started!!  I had the BEST Clear and Brilliant facial from @jvskincare! Like FOR REAL. The texture and pigment of my skin has never been better, and when you have to be in HD on a regular basis…you need that!! I waited a few weeks to post this review to really take time to see the results, but now I’m hooked. The first pic is the after, the second two were immediately following my treatment. Not only were the results, but the spa was gorgeous and the staff was so sweet. If you’re in the NYC area, go check them out!! Oh and HIGHLY recommend their Twilight Face Masks! See my stories for the whole process.


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