Charly Caruso Getting Married To Big WWE Name?

Sorry, everyone. It looks like Charly may be off the market after all as the ring has been placed on the finger. I guess it’s back to wishing and hoping that Charly becomes available once more.“>Charly Caruso Pink Swimsuit Backside Photo Leaks.



April Fools! Sure, I know I’m late on April Fools Day, but Charly had her Instagram crowd doing backflips over the possibility of her being married. What’s more is that the groom would have been Nicky Sampogna. If you’re not familiar with Nicky; he is the senior director of social media production for WWE.

Charly stated the following when she fooled her entire fanbase: “Well…it finally happened!! 💍 ➡️➡️➡️ APRIL FOOLS! …Like you didn’t already all know! 🙄 So @njsamps and I took these photos in 2018 (obviously as a joke for those confused) and after scrolling through my old photos I thought today was the perfect opportunity to post 😂 see ya back in new yawk beeb!”

As of now, the post has gained almost 40,000 likes on Charly’s Instagram page. It’s great to see that Charly is doing well and that she can still get a great reaction from her fanbase. We wish Charly all the best with the ring on her finger or not.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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