Charly Caruso ‘Shows Up Late’ To Raw In Photo

Charly Caruso reportedly has heat with Randy Orton for showing up late to WWE Raw shows, and Charly herself posted a photo with a caption about being ‘late’ a few weeks ago on Instagram.



She wrote in a photo of herself backstage at Raw, “They say good things come to those who wait, so imma be at least an hour late.”

She posted a backstage WWE photo today shortly after the report about her being pulled from Raw Talk surfaced today, “May the luck of the Irish be with you 🍀 thank you for coming, this has been my one green outfit for the year 🍃 #happystpatricksday.”

SleepyLink12 posted on the Squared Circle Reddit, “You know, there’d be days where Charly would be in New York filling in on First Take in the morning, then she’d be on Raw that same night.

Maybe doing that trick finally caught up to her. Sure it’s a 3 hour flight from NYC to Florida, but you’re really cutting it close considering most of the talking points for the interviews are being handed out by 3:30.

And god forbid if they want you to do pretapes.”

CianDS wrote, “Seems she has started caring less since she began working more regularly for ESPN.”

Reisz618 said, “That’s part of what’s irking me about the original article and much of the discussion (some of which comes from people with little to no work experience, it seems). If this is all true, it’s not juicy backstage wrestling gossip, it’s “coworker repeatedly shows up late and/or unprepared.” Right, that’s gonna be an issue anywhere, from garbage collection to tech giant, and not just in the workforce.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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