Charly Caruso Surprising WWE Paycheck Revealed

Charly Caruso has revealed that she is still getting paychecks from WWE and ESPN in a new tweet. She said, “Payday Friday is the best day (even better when it’s two paychecks).” Vince McMahon reportedly wasn’t happy with Charly showing up late to Raw, and he also isn’t happy with Edge’s spot at WrestleMania.



The Fastlane PPV ended in chaos as Daniel Bryan accidently attacked Edge with a chair, resulting in the Rated R Superstar losing his cool and taking out both Bryan and his opponent Roman Reigns.

While Reigns later ended up picking up victory in the bout, it was later reported that it wasn’t the end of Bryan in the title and that the company was planning to add him to the WrestleMania main event, making it a triple threat.

Dave Meltzer explained the reasoning behind this change on the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he explained that the decision came from Vince McMahon himself:

That was a late change stemming from a decision made by Vince McMahon that he wanted a number of things changed, including Reigns vs. Edge. Numerous suggestions were made by a lot of people, most of which were said to be bad. The one eventually greenlit was adding Bryan to the match, which everyone agreed to.

He went on to explain the thought process behind the change including the backstage concerns about Edge’s older look and the heel-face dynamic of the bout:

At that point the feeling was Bryan would be the face. There was a lot of conjecture that Reigns would have been cheered over Edge, and that may have happened and may have led to Edge going heel, but we’re told that was not the reason the match was changed. One person close to the situation said that the age issue, not as much the number as the look of age (“he was looking older each week”) with Edge was a concerning point. But really, it was said it was just McMahon wanting to shake up the plans.

Edge is expected to be booed by the fans at WrestleMania coming out of events of Fastlane. However, due to the absence of live crowd at shows before the PPV, there is no way of knowing how the fans will actually react at the Show Of Shows.

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