Charly Caruso Went To Smackdown With Top AEW Name

Charly Caruso is friends with AEW owner Tony Khan, who took her to a Smackdown show a few years ago where she met Mark Carrano, helping her get her job with WWE. A ‘gross’ Charly Caruso remark is rumored to have angered Vince McMahon.



Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW could be a landing spot for Caruso after her WWE departure, “Charly Caruso, you know Charly Arnolt, is fine on ESPN. Maybe she’ll be good in AEW if she ends up in AEW and I don’t know if she will or she won’t. She knows Tony Khan so it’s not like she’s gotta go from scratch.”

“They have so many people [in AEW]. It’s not like, I’ll put it this way, I wouldn’t run to hire her, but I wouldn’t run away from it either. They might not be able to touch her anyway because of the contract situation. I don’t know what the contract situation is. Even if she’s released it’s gonna be a 90-day non-compete.”

Renee Young also will eventually be eligible for AEW, adding her and Caruso were certainly bolster AEW’s female broadcast team, and would definitely be an upgrade over Alex Marvez when it comes to backstage interview segments, and they could help Tony Schiavone out with in ring interviews. Charly Caruso ‘showed up late’ to a WWE show in a backstage photo.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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