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Check out the epic banter between Roman Reigns and Tama Tonga

WWE Superstars often engage in interactions with NJPW Stars on Twitter. These can either be jabs or tweets of appreciation for one another. Roman Reigns, the poster boy of the WWE, decided to take some jabs at NJPW big shot Tama Tonga on Twitter recently.

When Reigns pointed out that one of Tama Tonga’s promo line was taken straight out of a Drake album, the Tongan decided to revert back with jabs of his own.

Tonga went hard with his shot at Reigns and therefore the Big Dog replied with some facts. Reigns said that the views on Tonga’s video ended up getting doubled because of his comments.

Tonga ended up “thanking” Reigns in his own style…

A feud between these two would be a delight for wrestling fans all over the world.

  • Rinn13

    Not by blood, no. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa (his brother) are the sons of Tonga Fifita, aka Haku/Meng. They are Tongan. Mr. “Reigns” is part of the Samoan wrestling family.

  • Rajah

    I must admit I hate the “fist cocking” motion he does.

  • Um…what?

    Aren’t they related? If they aren’t in the same company to run an angle, I don’t get the point of doing this.

  • CC

    Hilarious? Really?