Chris Benoit Son Spotted With Wrestling Diva

ROH personality Kimberly Ford took to Twitter and wrote a lengthy post about Chris Benoit’s son David Benoit during recent AEW tapings.




There is one thing I really would like to say since “David Benoit” is trending (still 😳)

David is probably the most patient, kind, respectful, generous person I’ve met regarding the attention he receives.

David took photos with EVERY PERSON who asked him, shook hands & interacted with EVERY person who stopped him to say hi. (Let me tell you it was pure insanity the amount who did 🤯)

NOT ONCE did he complain.
NOT ONCE when we were out at lunch, when we were walking the stampede grounds, when we were at AEW Collision… etc.

He is treated like a “side show” at times & it’s completely mind blowing how he handles it with grace and patience.

Thank you to the people/fans who were respectful & let him enjoy the show last night. It was an escape from reality to watch wrestling and just be a fan.



At AEW Collision, Punk demonstrated once again why he is one of the most popular names in pro wrestling. After his match, he approached the barricade and embraced an audience member, capturing the hearts of many fans. It was later revealed that the person Punk hugged was none other than the son of the late WWE star Chris Benoit, adding a significant emotional dimension to the moment.

For those who may not recall, CM Punk’s last scheduled match before Chris Benoit’s tragic death was against Benoit himself. The two were supposed to compete for the ECW World Championship at the Vengeance PPV in 2007. However, the match was abruptly changed when Johnny Nitro intervened and defeated Punk for the title. The following day, news broke of the shocking events involving Benoit, who had taken the lives of his wife and son before committing suicide.

The connection between Punk and the Benoit family during that time resonated with fans, and the recent embrace between Punk and Chris Benoit’s son symbolized a full-circle moment. It evoked memories of the tragic match and the profound impact Benoit’s death had on the wrestling industry. Despite the dark shadow cast by those events, Benoit’s career is still cherished by many fans due to his incredible skill in the ring.

The image of CM Punk hugging David Benoit, a poignant reminder of the past, touched the hearts of fans. It served as a reminder of the tragic loss of one of wrestling’s greatest stars and brought forth a range of emotions. Fans expressed their awe and appreciation for the moment, with some describing it as mind-blowing and a full-circle moment.

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