Chris Christie Booed By Trump Supporters In Video

Chris Christie was booed by Donald Trump supporters in a new video.



Former President Donald Trump recently claimed on Thursday that he “never trusted” his former ally Chris Christie, despite listening to Christie’s advice and recommendations for personnel.

It has been noted during an interview conducted by former Trump deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka on Salem News Channel that Gorka asked Trump what he would say to Christie, who is challenging Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination.

“He made some recommendations that weren’t exactly great recommendations,” said Trump, adding, “You know, I listened to Chris, I got along with him.”

However, the former president went on to say, “I didn’t trust Chris. I never trusted him. I could never really feel like I could trust him, so I didn’t use him. So he’s got a lot of hatred. I didn’t put him in the administration, I didn’t want to, so he’s got a lot of hatred.”

Trump continued:

“But he’s wasting his time. He’s at 1%, probably won’t qualify for anything. But remember, when a governor leaves and you’re at 9% approval rating, and you had the Bridgegate mess but you’re at 9% approval rating. He went up to New Hampshire his last year. He almost was in New Hampshire the entire time, and that alone was a scandal. The people of New Jersey said, “You’re supposed to be the governor of New Jersey.”

He concluded, “So I used to listen to Chris. He would give me advice on things, but I found it to be quite unreliable.”

Trump appointed Christopher Wray as FBI director in 2017 on the recommendation of Christie, who had hired Wray as his own personal attorney. In 2022, Wray approved the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

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