Chris Christie Reveals Woman Who Trump Abused

Former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, recently criticized former President Donald Trump for his response to a federal jury finding him liable for sexually abusing and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s. While the jury awarded Carroll $5 million in damages, they only found Trump liable for sexual abuse, not rape. Trump responded to the verdict on his Truth Social platform, claiming that he did not know Carroll and hoping that justice would be served on appeal.



Christie, speaking in an interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, dismissed Trump’s response as “ridiculous.” He pointed out that there have been too many coincidences in Trump’s life where random people he has never met before have been able to convince a jury that he sexually abused them. Christie added that such conduct is unacceptable for someone who wants to be a leader, and he expressed concern about Trump’s bid for the White House in 2024.

“He just has random people he’s never met before who are able to convince a jury that he sexually abused them. I mean, this guy, it’s one person after another,” Christie added.

He also said Trump’s conduct “is unacceptable for somebody that we call a leader, and he wanted to take leadership again.”

Christie also referenced Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, in which he made lewd comments about women. Despite Trump appearing to stand by those comments in a video deposition for the Carroll trial, Christie claimed that Trump was embarrassed by the tape when it first surfaced during the 2016 election.

Do I think this is a silver bullet that ends Donald Trump’s candidacy? No. I just think it’s additional weight of evidence that people are going to look at and say, ‘if he’s this unlucky, Brian, if none of this has really happened, he’s this unlucky, we don’t want a guy that’s unlucky as president either,” Christie said.

This is not the first time Christie has taken aim at Trump. He recently told conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt that Trump was too afraid to debate his fellow GOP candidates in the 2024 Republican primary after Trump suggested he might skip the debates. Trump responded by claiming he was leading by 40 points and that people don’t debate when they have such massive leads.

Christie’s criticism of Trump is significant given his own political aspirations. He has been testing the waters for entering the 2024 race for the White House, while Trump has already declared his intention to seek reelection. Christie doesn’t believe that the recent verdict will be a silver bullet that ends Trump’s candidacy, but he thinks it adds weight to the evidence against him. Christie believes that if Trump is so unlucky to have so many people accusing him of sexual abuse, then the public won’t want an unlucky person as president either.

Overall, Christie’s comments reflect the growing divide within the Republican Party between those who remain loyal to Trump and those who are seeking a different path forward. Christie’s criticism highlights the importance of accountability and responsibility in leadership, and his views on Trump’s conduct are likely to shape the 2024 election and the future of the GOP.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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