Chris Christie’s Guy Arrested For Trump Motorcade Ambush

In an exclusive revelation by Loomered, it has come to light that GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie shares a close association with an anti-Trump political operative, Domenic Santana, who was recently apprehended by the Secret Service due to his involvement in a daring and potentially life-threatening incident. The incident, which occurred on June 13th, 2023, involved Santana ambushing President Trump’s motorcade as the former president was leaving a courthouse in Miami, Florida, where he was attending his arraignment.



Dressed in a conspicuous striped jail jumpsuit, Santana held up a sign that bore the words “Lock Him Up,” echoing a famous phrase often associated with Trump’s own rhetoric. In an intriguing twist, Santana’s presence outside the Fulton County Jail in Georgia on the day of Trump’s arrest was captured on video. It showed him interacting with multiple individuals dressed as rats, a theatrical representation he dubs “R.A.Ts” – short for Republicans Against Trump.

“The defendant’s reckless actions of interrupting the motorcade put the former president’s life in danger. The defendant’s actions caused the public and media to run toward him, storming the street while the defendant yelled at the Trump supporters as to entice them. After police officers on motorcycles passed by, Santana ran into the middle of the street holding his sign up and blocking the motorcade from proceeding, causing one of the SUVs to swerve to avoid crashing into him”, the report stated.

Santana’s audacious actions prompted his arrest on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence, and obstructing traffic. The arrest report paints a picture of recklessness and chaos, detailing how Santana’s actions not only disrupted the motorcade but also incited public and media frenzy. According to the report, Santana’s conduct endangered the life of the former president by causing chaos in the streets, leading to a swerving maneuver by one of the motorcade’s SUVs to avoid a collision.

Interestingly, Santana’s background reveals intriguing connections to both the entertainment and political worlds. As the former owner of the renowned New Jersey music venue, the “Stone Pony,” he played a pivotal role in launching the careers of music legends like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. Additionally, Santana enjoyed public associations with figures from both Hollywood and politics, including former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama.

Christie’s link to Santana can be traced back to a 2012 interview with late-night comedian Jimmy Fallon, during which the former governor made mention of Santana’s establishment, the Stone Pony. In May 2013, a momentous occurrence took place when both Chris Christie and Barack Obama made a joint appearance at the Stone Pony, a well-documented event that unfolded just seven months after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Further intricacies arise from Santana’s business partnership with Frank Cretella, a prominent figure in New Jersey’s hospitality industry. Cretella, a co-owner of the Stone Pony and proprietor of the Liberty House Restaurant in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, holds sway in political circles as well. Notably, Liberty House Restaurant has hosted gatherings attended by luminaries such as Barrack Obama, Cory Booker, and even President Bill Clinton.

The interconnectedness extends to political contributions, as evidenced by FEC records showcasing Cretella’s donations to prominent Democratic politicians in the New York and New Jersey regions. Beneficiaries of Cretella’s financial support include figures like Barrack Obama, Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez, and even the disgraced former New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who faced controversy due to his involvement in a sex scandal.

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