Chris Jericho Accused Of Dating Wrestler’s Girlfriend

The professional wrestling community is currently grappling with a wave of controversy as serious allegations of misconduct have emerged against veteran wrestler Chris Jericho. The accusations are closely tied to his alleged actions towards Kylie Rae, resulting in her abrupt departure from All Elite Wrestling in 2019. The aftermath of these allegations has cast a dark shadow over Jericho’s once-sterling reputation.



The controversy began to unfold when Nick Hausman hinted at undisclosed issues from Jericho’s past, alluding to potential controversies. Subsequent tweets by Hausman alleged that Kylie Rae had experienced an uncomfortable encounter with Chris Jericho in a hotel room, a significant contributing factor to her decision to part ways with AEW.

Complicating matters further, a video clip from 2019 has resurfaced, showcasing Chris Jericho downplaying allegations of hush money involving Vince McMahon. This overlooked footage, now gaining significant attention in light of the recent accusations against Jericho, has prompted fans to reevaluate their perceptions of the wrestling icon. The unsettling revelations led to Chris Jericho being bombarded with chants of “NDA” (Non-Disclosure Agreement) during an AEW event titled “Worlds End.”

In a surprising turn of events, former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree disclosed on the Cafe de Rene podcast that he had been informed by independent talent in Manitoba about Chris Jericho’s questionable reputation. According to Dupree, there were persistent rumors that Jericho had a tendency to pursue relationships with other wrestlers’ girlfriends and engage in physical altercations with them. Such actions were considered a breach of an unwritten code within the wrestling community, where respecting the relationships of fellow performers was paramount.

Dupree elaborated on the rumors, stating, “Someone asked me if I ever heard any rumors about Jericho and women. I told when I first broke into the business, the indie guys from Manitoba, told me, ‘Yeah, Jericho’s rep was that he tries to f*** your girlfriend.’ He was notorious for f***** other guys’ girlfriends, which at one point was a sin, you stay away from the other guys’ wives and girlfriends. Nothing brings more animosity into a locker room than when you’re fooling around with someone else’s f***** significant other. Does it surprise me he does that? No. He was always an a****** to me for no reason.”

These revelations add layers of complexity to the unfolding controversy surrounding Chris Jericho, prompting a reexamination of his past actions and their potential impact on his standing within the wrestling community.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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