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Chris Jericho and MJF engage in epic banter over who sold out ALL OUT

After the ALL OUT pay-per-view sold out within 15 minutes, two of AEW’s biggest heels took to their Twitter accounts and decided to take all the credit for it.

First, the veteran, the 6-time World Champion and the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla, the main event of the show himself – Chris Jericho. Y2J kept it very short and let us know that it was he who was responsible for the promotion’s amazing feat.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, one of AEW’s newest stars, infamous for his ability to generate organic heel heat with his tremendous promo work, decided to give his two cents about the sell-out. MJF said that it was he who was actually responsible for the show being sold out in 15 minutes.

And then the inevitable happened. Upon seeing this tweet, the GOAT Chris Jericho decided to call out the young star for stealing his “scarf gimmick” and asked him to stop right there and not steal another one.

To this, MJF responded with quite a few jabs of his own. He congratulated Jericho for being able to figure out how to use Twitter and called him “dad”.

Furthermore, the outspoken young star made fun of Jericho’s recent fashion choices.

Jericho then replied by saying that MJF’s jabs are all passe and that he needs newer content to stand on equal footing. He then made fun of 23-year old star by saying that he’d be relegated to the pre-show and that he’d only be allowed in the “big-boy locker-room” if he’d carry Y2J’s bags.

Ultimately, fans were the real winners of this banter between two of the most entertaining heels in pro-wrestling today. A program between these two should definitely take place somewhere down the line because it’d be gold.




  • Soulshroude

    Other than the childish banter, reads like a Millennial wrote this article. Who uses the term, “epic”? Seriously? Try being an adult for once and use professional terms.

  • Steven Davis